Marketing Department


We have a team of marketing professionals involved in consumer packaged goods (C.P.G.) category management and the largest Independent grocery advertising program in
Western Canada.

Our category management team has extensive marketing experience and for ease of management, their duties are divided by major food categories, including frozen food, breakfast cereal, shelf stable foods, pasta, seasonal, and perishables. This enables the team to focus on the numerous items that fall into the major category groups. The Macdonalds Consolidated weekly flyer program is the primary vehicle the marketing team uses to provide vendor deals
to customers.

The key is creating vendor relationships and relationships with our customers to ensure we understand the exact needs of the independent retailer. We create a win-win-win scenario – for our customers, for the vendor and
for Macdonalds Consolidated.

We have our team of experienced individuals in place to provide marketing knowledge, insights on market trends and superior customer service.