Fresh Meat Program

Fresh Meat Program

Macdonalds Consolidated offers a high quality, competitively priced meat program.
It also offers specific rebates on meat purchases to our customers to help them increase
department profitability.

Macdonalds Consolidated carries a full line of national and private label processed packaged meats as well as frozen meats. We buy and warehouse our own meat and offer our customers the best cost and freshest possible dating, with a just-in-time buying process that makes this level of freshness possible.

Our Fresh Meat Program is a one-stop shop that is highly customer focused. A full-time meat buyer goes to the market daily looking for the highest quality products available at the best cost. We have an inside sales team of three sales representatives in our trading area who conduct sales calls to customers. Macdonalds Consolidated also sells everything necessary to run a meat department – fresh beef, pork, veal, lamb and poultry – with all meat products coming from federally inspected plants. Our beef is Canada AA or higher grade and our specifications are extremely high. This allows customers to reduce labour in the store, since less trimming is required. Macdonalds Consolidated also offers a full line of meat and deli supplies.

Macdonalds Consolidated always looks for very high standards in facilities in terms of cleanliness and sanitation in order to optimize quality.

For meat sales expertise, please contact Reenie Murphy at 403-730-3829 or