Sales Department


Macdonalds Consolidated has 14 sales representatives covering the trading area from Thunder Bay to Vancouver Island. Our sales team acts as a resource for stores. It’s about building partnerships. Our motto is that the more successful our customers are, the more successful
we are.

Our sales force is very customer-orientated and provides our customers with valuable insights. When sales representatives visit a store they will perform section reviews to indicate product category leaders and review retail pricing. Our sales representatives will review new trends, look for seasonal opportunities, review sales by department to identify gaps, and look for areas where there is potential for growth. The sales team can also reline store shelves to ensure the section will maximize category sales.

Macdonalds Consolidated does all it can to address customers’ needs. We are continually
seeking opportunities and solutions to bridge communication issues. We are sensitive to
our customers’ needs. We are always looking for ways to use innovation to help us be a
better partner.