Macdonalds Consolidated has developed a business plan by analyzing all of the information available on the marketplace and our competitors. We came up with a program that focused on the independent owner-operator and allowed our sales staff to sell not just food out of a warehouse, but provide a complete program with a set of advantages for dealing with us. We have designed our program to be very flexible, so that each owner-operator can choose whatever features they want out of the program.

Our advertising program is optional and very flexible. It is oriented to an in-store and promotional focus and this has been a huge strength.

Our rebate programs are very lucrative and our Business To Business AIR MILES Reward Program is considered the best in the industry.

Our private label program has over 2,500 Private Label SKU’s including Compliments, Sensations, Signal, Lucerne and Edwards.

The fresh produce program maintains extremely high standards which is second to none
in the industry.

Our fresh meat program offers high quality products at competitive prices.