Our promotions and merchandising opportunities have become a pillar to our success.
Promotions allow our customers to build product displays around event themes and
engage the consumer with an exciting in-store atmosphere. It is proven that the product
displays increase sales.

Each of these promotions will have an in-store prize component which means every store that participates in our promotion will have a prize to give away at their store.

In the past decade, Macdonalds Consolidated has given away more than $2 million through the Family Foods promotions program to our participating customers and their customers!

One of the most rewarding promotions for both Macdonalds Consolidated and our customers is the Community Cash program. This retail promotion is an enter-to-win draw that has a cash prize of $15,000 awarded to one lucky consumer. In addition, the store where the grand prize winner is drawn is entitled to give a $10,000 donation to a local charity or organization of their choice. The great part about it is that our customers are already community leaders, and a promotion like this allows our customers to give back even more to their community under the Family Foods name.